Gerald Matusiewicz

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We present an innovative and comprehensive approach to characterize and model interconnect wire resistance. We have measured Cu wire resistance for fully processed 10 BEOL Cu levels in IBM high performance 65 nm technologies, and analyzed resistance data for multiple wire widths at multiple temperatures. Combined with the SEM cross-section data of a few(More)
A. Steegen, R. Mo, R. Mann M.-C. Sun, M. Eller, G. Leake , D. Vietzke, A. Tilke, F. Guarin, A. Fischer, T. Pompl, G. Massey, A. Vayshenker, W.L. Tan, A. Ebert, W. Lin, W. Gao, J. Lian, J.-P. Kim, P. Wrschka, J.-H. Yang, A. Ajmera, R. Knoefler, Y.-W. Teh, F. Jamin, J.E. Park, K. Hooper, C. Griffin, P. Nguyen, V. Klee, V. Ku, C. Baiocco, G. Johnson, L. Tai,(More)
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