Gerald Leutert

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The aim of this study was to investigate the variation in cartilage characteristics with age. Fresh-frozen cryostat sections of the patellar articular cartilage of the rat were used to demonstrate the enzyme activity of succinate dehydrogenase, lactate dehydrogenase, alkaline phosphatase, and acid phosphatase in the different layers and at different ages.(More)
Micturition and urinary continence theories have been under discussion since the last century. Up to now all these theories have been unsatisfactory. There is an obvious discrepance between the anatomical presentation and the clinical perceptions and physiological phenomena. This was the reason for a renewed and global examination of the whole distal(More)
  • G Leutert
  • Mechanisms of ageing and development
  • 1980
It is readily apparent from a large number of studies that the various organs and tissues of the human body show a non-uniform and asynchronous aging behavior. Therefore we decided to analyze the articular cartilage of the human caput femoris (F) and trochlea tali (T). Besides histochemical findings (reaction of the ground substance, metachromatism, and(More)
Polarization-microscopical measurements combined with silver-staining methods and morphometrical estimations (countings) were used to study the collagen fiber structures of the fibrosa of human atrioventricular valves as well as of the chordae tendineae of the right and left heart with regard to age and sex differences. Measurements and countings were(More)
Frühere polarisationsmikroskopische Untersuchungen in Verbindung mit der Versilberung nach Gomori an histologischen Schnitten der Valva bicuspidalis und der Valva tricuspidalis zeigten (ähnlich wie die an den zugehörigen Chordae tendineae) für mittleres Lebensalter einen deutlichen Unterschied in der Kollagenzusammensetzung im Vergleich zwischen Hoch- und(More)
  • G Leutert
  • Zeitschrift für die gesamte innere Medizin und…
  • 1986
The age dependency of functional systems is treated at the vocal cord and the cricothyroid articulation. At the time of birth there is a different developmental stage of the vocal cord. The anterior parts are essentially further differentiated than the posterior ones. The cause is to be found in the insertion of the vocal muscle at the anterior part. By(More)