Gerald L. Alexanderson

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The results of the Sixty-Sixth William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, held December 3, 2005, follow. They have been determined in accordance with the regulations governing the Competition. The contest is supported by the William Lowell Putnam Prize Fund for the Promotion of Scholarship, an endowment established by Mrs. Putnam in memory of her(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First and foremost, I am grateful to Lillian for her patience, love, and support throughout my entire graduate school experience. I thank Kenneth for focusing my attention and my parents for their love. I chose mathematics because I had a series of outstanding math teachers. taught me the basics, but they also revealed to me the excitement(More)
Marie-Sophie Germain (1776–1831), a largely self-educated French mathematician, for many years has been known for her early work in number theory and also for her work in physics, where she studied vibrating plates and Chladni figures as well as related questions in the theory of elasticity. Though much of her work in number theory was on Fermat’s Last(More)
Jean-Victor Poncelet (1788–1867) was a professional engineer and sometimes mathematician who is probably best known for reviving an interest in projective geometry which had long languished since the golden age of the subject in the 17th century, the time of Pascal and Desargues. As we see in the extensive article by Dragović and Radnović in this issue,(More)