Gerald J. Kutcher

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In recent years, the sophistication and complexity of clinical treatment planning and treatment planning systems has increased significantly, particularly including three-dimensional (3D) treatment planning systems, and the use of conformal treatment planning and delivery techniques. This has led to the need for a comprehensive set of quality assurance (QA)(More)
Skin injury is a common side effect of breast-cancer radiation therapy. Although physicians often observe skin toxicity, quantifying its severity remains a challenge. We present a novel quantitative ultrasonic technique to evaluate skin changes associated with radiotherapy. An in vivo study with twelve breast-cancer patients was conducted. All patients(More)
Studies suggest that clinical outcomes are improved in repeat trigeminal neuralgia (TN) Gamma Knife radiosurgery if a different part of the nerve from the previous radiosurgery is treated. The MR images taken in the first and repeat radiosurgery need to be coregistered to map the first radiosurgery volume onto the second treatment planning image. We propose(More)
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