Gerald J. Harris

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OBJECTIVE IgG4-related disease is an emerging clinical entity which frequently involves tissue within the orbit. In order to appreciate the implications of IgG4 immunostaining, we analyzed gene expression and the prevalence of IgG4- immunostaining among subjects with orbital inflammatory diseases. METHODS We organized an international consortium to(More)
Acetyl CoA carboxylase was purified from liver of fasted-refed rats to near homogeneity, based on electrophoretic analysis and biotin content. These preparations contained an endogenous protein kinase that catalyzed the transfer of radioactive phosphate from [gamma-32P]ATP to acetyl CoA carboxylase, accompanied by a decrease in acetyl CoA carboxylase(More)
BACKGROUND Although thyroid eye disease is a common complication of Graves' disease, the pathogenesis of the orbital disease is poorly understood. Most authorities implicate the immune response as an important causal factor. We sought to clarify pathogenesis by using gene expression microarray. METHODS An international consortium of ocular pathologists(More)
The estuarine amphipod Corophium volutator exhibits an endogenous circatidal rhythm of swimming activity, with maxima occurring just after the expected time of high water, under constant laboratory conditions. Oxygen uptake by Corophium is also subject to modulation across the tidal cycle. The period of highest oxygen uptake occurs during the ebb tide, in(More)
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