Gerald Jüttner

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Cre recombinase gene from bacteriophage P1 was transiently expressed by a Potato Virus X (PVX)-based vector in transgenic lox -target Nicotiana benthamiana plants to remove the selectable marker gene. The target construct consisted of two directly oriented lox sites flanking a bar gene located between a gfp coding region and an upstream CaMV 35S promoter.(More)
We present a novel treatment of finite temperature properties of the one-dimensional Hubbard model. Our approach is based on a Trotter-Suzuki mapping utilizing Shastry's classical model and a subsequent investigation of the quantum transfer matrix. We derive non-linear integral equations for three auxiliary functions which have a clear physical(More)
The sl q (2)-quantum group invariant spin 1/2 XXZ-Heisenberg model with open boundary conditions is investigated by means of the Bethe ansatz. As is well known, quantum groups for q equal to a root of unity possess a finite number of " good " representations with non-zero q-dimension and " bad " ones with vanishing q-dimension. Correspondingly, the state(More)