Gerald Holton

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The operational definition of terms such as inquiry, discovery, and direct instruction is required if research findings are to be meaningfully conveyed to the education community and the general public. For example, Klahr & Nigam (2004) demonstrated the superiority of what they defined as direct instruction over what they defined as discovery learning. But(More)
1 in which it resolved the twentieth century debate over admissibility rules for scientific evidence in court. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the more liberal standard of the 1975 Federal Rules of Evidence superseded the more restrictive standard of the 1923 common law Frye rule. By the time Daubert reached the Supreme Court, it had come to embody(More)
The risk figures for a severe nuclear accident assuming 1000 reactors in operation given in the News and Comment briefing "Using experience to calculate nuclear risk" (23 July, p. 338) did not accurately reflect the probabilities cited in the NRC report. An accurate rendition is as follows: With 74 reactors in operation (the present number) and if the lower(More)
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