Gerald Haupt

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PURPOSE The use of shock waves in orthopedic diseases was reviewed with special regard to the clinical applications. MATERIALS AND METHODS Findings in the literature and results from our own studies were analyzed and summarized. RESULTS Extracorporeal shock waves induced osteoneogenesis in animal models with intact and fractured bones. Based on these(More)
During the last decades the influence of physical factors on fracture healing has been widely described. With the use of shock waves for the treatment of urolithiasis, a new mechanical medium has been introduced into medicine. For the first time the influence of shock waves on fracture healing was studied in rats. With fractioned shock-wave treatment (5(More)
OBJECTIVES Due to demographic developments in industrial nations, age-correlated diseases are becoming more important. From many epidemiological studies we know that the prevalence of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and the loss of erectile function (= erectile dysfunction or ED) increase with advancing age. Are these two illnesses related or/and(More)
Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) represents one of the most significant risk factors for acute pyelonephritis in children. The current indications for the surgical correction of VUR depend on the presence or absence of renal scars. If no scars are present, primary ureteral reimplantation is only indicated in high-grade bilateral VUR, whereas in the presence of(More)
PURPOSE With the introduction of MR angiography (MRA) into clinical routine, arteriosclerotic lesions of the supraaortic vessels may be well demonstrated. MATERIAL AND METHODS The comparison between Multislab MRA (gradient echo, TOF) and X-ray angiography (XRA) as reference in 70 patients suspicious of stenotic lesions in the internal carotid artery(More)
We report a case of ileal neobladder rupture after radical cystectomy due to mucus obstruction of the bladder neck. Since mucus production in bowel neobladders cannot be sufficiently influenced pharmacologically, patients with a continent urinary diversion connected to the urethra should learn self-catheterization.
In kidney tumors arising from the collecting duct epithelium (Bellini duct carcinoma), histologic examination shows both tubular and papillary architecture, which can lead to misinterpretation as renal cell or transitional cell carcinoma. A case of multifocal bellini duct carcinoma is described, to the authors' knowledge the first to be reported.
Since the inception of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy 9 years ago treatment strategies have changed. Patients currently are receiving larger numbers of higher voltage shock waves. However, upper limits of safety for these treatments have not been established. In an attempt to address this question a comparative study of effects of extracorporeal(More)
INTRODUCTION Specific sensomotoric training is recommended to improve walking dysfunctions, prevent injurious falls or improve the reaction capacities of athletes. The oscillatory Posturomed platform can be used as a simple measuring procedure to characterise balance ability. Standard values for the one legged stance or test-retest reliability are unknown.(More)
Correlation between neu/c-erbB-2/Her-2 gene amplification and overexpression of the neu gene product has been reported in tumors of glandular origin, especially ductal breast carcinomas. Formalin-fixed and dewaxed sections from 23 cases of mammary (MPD) and 9 cases of extramammary (EPD) Paget's disease were immunohistochemically stained by means of the(More)