Gerald H. Johnson

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The accuracy of four types of elastomeric impression materials was studied as a function of model location, time of pouring, and repetition of pouring. There was little change in dimension among abutment preparations for all materials, for all times of pour, and with a repeat pouring. It appears that measurements between posts are not sensitive to detecting(More)
This study evaluated the accuracy of reproduction of stone casts made from impressions using different tray and impression materials. The tray materials used were an acrylic resin, a thermoplastic, and a plastic. The impression materials used were an additional silicone, a polyether, and a polysulfide. Impressions were made of a stainless steel master die(More)
This study tested the tensile dislodgment forces of two experimental post designs that are threaded 7 mm into the most coronal aspect of the root. Experimental post systems ParaPost XT-7 (XT-7), and ParaPost XT-10 (XT-10) were compared to the Flexi-Post (FP) and to the Standard ParaPost (SP). The XT-7 prototype post measured 7 mm in length, while all other(More)
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