Gerald Graham

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CONTEXT Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS) arises by several genetic and epigenetic mechanisms affecting the balance of imprinted gene expression in chromosome 11p15.5. The most frequent alteration associated with BWS is the absence of methylation at the maternal allele of KvDMR1, an intronic CpG island within the KCNQ1 gene. Targeted deletion of KvDMR1(More)
Fertilizer use in coffee plantations is a suspected cause of rising ground water nitrate concentrations in the ground water-dependent Central Valley of Costa Rica. Nitrate adsorption was evaluated beneath two coffee (Coffea arabica L.) plantations in the Central Valley. Previous work at one site had identified unsaturated zone nitrate retardation relative(More)
We describe QUAERO, a method that (i) enables the automatic optimization of searches for physics beyond the standard model, and (ii) provides a mechanism for making high energy collider data generally available. We apply QUAERO to searches for standard model WW, ZZ, and t t macro production, to searches for these objects produced through a new heavy(More)
We report a search for effects of large extra spatial dimensions in pp collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 1.8 TeV with the D0 detector, using events containing a pair of electrons or photons. The data are in good agreement with the expected background and do not exhibit evidence for large extra dimensions. We set the most restrictive lower limits to(More)
Ventricular arrhythmias are common after repair of tetralogy of Fallot and are associated with late sudden death. This study examined the relation of ventricular arrhythmia during normal daily activities to the timing of repair, duration of follow up, and postoperative haemodynamic status. Forty eight hour ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring was(More)
common pulmonary vein can beperformed using a small dose ofcontrast medium. This delineates the anatomical distribution of the pulmonary veins and site or sites of pulmonary venous obstruction more accurately than recirculation angiography. Direct pulmonary venous angiography eliminates the needfor the injection of contrast medium into the arterial phase of(More)
We report the observation of the X(3872) in the J/psipi(+)pi(-) channel, with J/psi decaying to mu(+)mu(-), in pp collisions at sqrt[s]=1.96 TeV. Using approximately 230 pb(-1) of data collected with the Run II D0 detector, we observe 522+/-100 X(3872) candidates. The mass difference between the X(3872) state and the J/psi is measured to be(More)
Four pairs of thoracopagus twins have been described. Cardiac catheterisation was performed in all the cases. Angiocardiographic and necropsy findings suggest that the most common abnormality was some form of univentricular heart. The communication between the 2 hearts was at atrial level in 2 cases. Separation was performed in 1 of these cases but only 1(More)
Knowledge of the long-term effects of infant cardiac surgery is essential if further progress is to be made in not only immediate, but also long-term care. We therefore analyzed the fate of 599 infants who survived 3 weeks or more after operation in the first year of life performed over the last 25 years. Actuarial survival curves were obtained for each(More)