Gerald Goertzel

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A method for logic gate delay assignment is described which achieves power minimization of digital logic while satisfying system timing. The logic gates are described by a single design parameter macromodel. A Newton optimization scheme is employed using exact sparse updating. Systems consisting of up to 1200 digital logic gates have been optimized. A(More)
LCD, a Language for Computer Design, permits the description of both the function and the structure of digital hardware. Machines may be described at a very high (system) level, at a very low (gate) level, or at any intermediate level. LCD descriptions are processed by a set of programs which support high level design and verification. These programs(More)
This paper is a report on analytical work done at NDA on the spherical harmonics approximation to the one-velocity Boltzmann equation in infinite cylinders. As a result a program was devised for digital computation, the "Palindrome" code, written for a Datatron 205. This code is capable of solving any order spherical harmonics approximation. The complexity(More)
A Decision Support System (DSS) begun in the middle 1960s is described. A DSS collects data for an institution servicing clients, calculates decisions and generates reports on the status of the clients. This paper was written to provide a historical record of the concepts developed. In Part I, we introduce the Decision Support System (DSS), describe its(More)
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