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Spirituality for managers: context and critique
Spirituality enables a businessperson to gain a more integrated perspective on their firm, family, neighbors, community and self. Hence, business people and business faculty show a significant
The Ethics of Organizational Politics
Political uses of power demand explicit consideration of ethical restraints, in part because current management theory focuses on the value of outcomes rather than on the value of the means chosen.
Virtue as a Benchmark for Spirituality in Business
Business people often consider spirituality a means of increasing integrity, motivation and job satisfaction. Yet certain spiritualities are superficial and unstable. Religion gives depth and
Integrating Spirituality into the Workplace: Theory and Practice
The presence of spirituality in the workplace meets a variety of personal and professional business objectives, including meaningfulness of work, ethics and productivity. Three essential dimensions
Making Business Ethics Practical
Abstract: Our critics confuse the role normative ethical theory can take in business ethics. We argue that as a practical discipline, business ethics must focus on norms, not the theories from which
Global Business Ethics: Regulation, Code, or Self-Restraint
Abstract: Three strategies for developing just and consistent global business practices are examined: 1) international treaties and agreements, 2) global codes of business conduct, and 3) voluntary