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BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to compare the cost-effectiveness of unicompartmental knee arthroplasty as an alternative to total knee arthroplasty in patients with degenerative arthritis limited to either the medial or lateral compartment. METHODS A decision model was created for the treatment of end-stage unicompartmental knee arthritis. A(More)
STUDY DESIGN Randomized clinical trial. OBJECTIVES To compare the long-term effectiveness of medical and chiropractic care for low back pain in managed care and to assess the effectiveness of physical therapy and modalities among patients receiving medical or chiropractic care. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Evidence comparing the long-term relative(More)
OBJECTIVES This study compared the relative effectiveness of cervical spine manipulation and mobilization for neck pain. METHODS Neck-pain patients were randomized to the following conditions: manipulation with or without heat, manipulation with or without electrical muscle stimulation, mobilization with or without heat, and mobilization with or without(More)
STUDY DESIGN A randomized clinical trial. OBJECTIVES To compare the effectiveness of medical and chiropractic care for low back pain patients in managed care; to assess the effectiveness of physical therapy among medical patients; and to assess the effectiveness of physical modalities among chiropractic patients. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Despite the(More)
OBJECTIVE To produce cost estimates of proposed health insurance benefit mandates for the California legislature. DATA SOURCES The 2001 California Health Interview Survey, 2002 Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research and Education Trust California Employer Health Benefits Survey, Milliman Health Cost Guidelines, and ad hoc surveys of large health plans(More)
BACKGROUND There are no published, detailed assessments of the direct costs of endoscopic hemostasis for actively bleeding peptic ulcers. We compared the direct costs of care for patients with active ulcer hemorrhage treated with endoscopic or medical-surgical therapies and correlated these costs with patient outcomes. METHODS In a prospective,(More)
BACKGROUND Although recent studies have reported that high-volume surgeons and hospitals have better outcomes for colon cancer resections, it remains unclear whether there are other factors that are more important than volume. This study aims to evaluate the importance of the volume variables relative to other factors in an attempt to target specific areas(More)
BACKGROUND There is renewed interest in total ankle arthroplasty as an alternative to ankle fusion in the treatment of end-stage ankle arthritis. Despite a lack of long-term data on the clinical outcomes associated with these implants, the use of ankle arthroplasty is expanding. The purpose of this cost-effectiveness analysis was to evaluate whether the(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to compare total outpatient costs of 4 common treatments for low-back pain (LBP) at 18-months follow-up. METHODS Our work reports on findings from a randomized controlled trial within a large medical group practice treating HMO patients. Patients (n = 681) were assigned to 1 of 4 treatment groups, ie, medical care only (MD), medical(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the difference in satisfaction between patients assigned to chiropractic vs medical care for treatment of low back pain in a managed care organization. METHODS Satisfaction scores (on a 10-50 scale) after 4 weeks of follow-up were compared among 672 patients randomized to receive medical or chiropractic care. RESULTS The(More)