Gerald F. Hill

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The lungs of wild-caught and market-derived crocodiles, including 15 dwarf crocodiles Osteolaemus tetraspis Cope and one slender-snouted crocodile Crocodylus cataphractus Cuvier were dissected for pentastomids. Of the three species recovered, one, found in both hosts, accounted for 66% of the specimens (N = 236) and most of these (N = 150) came from a(More)
The in vitro development of the pentastomid Porocephalus crotali from the infective, seventh (VII) instar, dissected from the tissues of rat intermediate hosts, to the adult male (X) and female (XI) instars, normally resident in the lung of rattlesnake definitive hosts, is described. The culture medium comprised washed human blood cells, resuspended in(More)
Ferrets have become recognized as a useful and interesting model for study of neocortical development. Because of their immaturity at birth, it is possible to study very early events in the ontogeny of the brain. We used living slices of ferret somatosensory cortex to study the formation and development of intrinsic elements within the neocortex. A small(More)
Lesions of the basal forebrain deplete the neocortex of cholinergic fibers. Acetylcholine depletion in the somatosensory cortex of rats results in reduced stimulus-evoked activity in response to whisker stimulation. Previous studies demonstrate that embryonic basal forebrain transplants improve functional activity toward normal. It is not clear if the(More)
This report provides documentation of the installation and use of venturi air-jet vacuum ejectors for high-volume atmospheric sampling on aircraft platforms. It contains information on the types of venturis that are useful for meeting the pumping requirements of atmosphericsampling experiments. A description of the con guration and installation of the(More)
Both intact gill and liver tissue from rainbow trout accumulated K+, as determined by 86Rb+ uptake, a process largely inhibited by ouabain, indicating the presence of functional NaKATPase. Cell suspensions, produced by disaggregation of gill or liver tissues, accumulated very little K+ compared to tissues (less than 10%). Disaggregation resulted in(More)
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