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Membership in the American Bamboo Society and one ABS chapter is for the calendar year and includes a subscription to the bimonthly Newsletter and annual Journal. Membership categories with annual fees: Individual (includes the ABS and one local chapter) US$35, National membership only US$30, National membership from outside the U.S.A. (Does not include(More)
The authors have checked transcutaneous PO2 in newborns in the Neonatology Department of Maria Vittoria Hospital, Torino, Italy. 39 full-term newborns (healthy, Apgar score more than 7) have been monitorized during their first minutes. The results have been divided in four groups: spontaneous birth or caesarean section with fetal suffering or not.(More)
The authors have studied stillbirth, early neonatal death rate, perinatal death rate following weight classes, weight distribution in live born and death causes between 1977 and 1981. These data permit to evaluate the degree of efficiency in the obstetrical and neonatological department. Weight distribution pattern has been fairly constant and low-weight(More)
During the outbreak of rubella in Turin in 1977, 1,041 newborns, whose mother's pregnancy coincided with the epidemic, were studied for the elimination of rubella virus through inoculation in primary cultures of African green monkey kidney cells. Additional 10 embryos or fetuses of therapeutic abortion from women with rubella early in pregnancy were studied(More)
A historical account of the relation between diabetes and pregnancy is followed by the presentation of a personal series of 10 insulin-dependent diabetic pregnant women (3 White's class B, 2 class C, 3 class D and 2 class F/R) treated in accordance with a newly applied quarterly and fortnightly protocol. Nearly normal blood sugar (HbA1 maintained around 8%(More)