Gerald F Guala

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The reproductive biology of the fleshy fruited South Indian reed bamboo Ochlandra scriptoria was studied. Flowering phenology, breeding system, opening of spikelets, visitation by bees, pollination, fertilization, fruit structure, germination etc. were all covered in this study. Once flowering is triggered this bamboo flowers every year with a break during(More)
AIM To show whether neonatal eosinophil counts (EC) and eosinophil cationic protein (ECP) can be used in assessing the risk of atopy, alone or in combination with family history of atopy (FHa). PATIENTS AND METHODS A group of 63 newborns was included: 38 with FHa, 25 without FHa. A blood sample was collected on the 4th day of life for EC and ECP(More)
The authors have studied stillbirth, early neonatal death rate, perinatal death rate following weight classes, weight distribution in live born and death causes between 1977 and 1981. These data permit to evaluate the degree of efficiency in the obstetrical and neonatological department. Weight distribution pattern has been fairly constant and low-weight(More)
A historical account of the relation between diabetes and pregnancy is followed by the presentation of a personal series of 10 insulin-dependent diabetic pregnant women (3 White's class B, 2 class C, 3 class D and 2 class F/R) treated in accordance with a newly applied quarterly and fortnightly protocol. Nearly normal blood sugar (HbA1 maintained around 8%(More)
Following a rubella epidemic in 1977; 1,133 samples of umbilical cord blood and 532 samples of maternal blood were assayed for specific anti-rubella haemoagglutino-inhibiting antibodies and IgM. Clinical follow-up failed to show either any increase in number of malformations and of IgM values in the malformed, or variations of mean weight and of the number(More)