Gerald Fütterer

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Over the last decade, various technologies for visualizing three-dimensional (3D) scenes on displays have been technologically demonstrated and refined, among them such of stereoscopic, multi-view, integral imaging, volumetric, or holographic type. Most of the current approaches utilize the conventional stereoscopic principle. But they all lack of their(More)
Dependence on sub-micron pixel pitch and super-computing have prohibited practical solutions for large size holographic displays until recently. SeeReal Technologies has developed a new approach to holographic displays significantly reducing these requirements. This concept is applicable to large “direct view” holographic displays as well as to projection(More)
We demonstrate a full-range complex and transmissive spatial light modulator (SLM) for simultaneous and independent amplitude and phase modulation of an input wave field. Arbitrary scalar complex optical fields are generated by stacking a pixelated liquid crystal display operating in phase-only (2π) modulation with passive polarization-sensitive components.(More)
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