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—Hands-free terminals for speech communication employ adaptive filters to reduce echoes resulting from the acoustic coupling between loudspeaker and microphone. When using a personal computer with commercial audio hardware for telecon-ferencing, a sampling frequency offset between the loudspeaker output D/A converter and the microphone input A/D converter(More)
Residual echo arises in hands–free telephony equipment due to insufficient echo canceler convergence, but can be suppressed using a postfilter. The residual echo power spectral density is the most crucial control parameter for both frequency–domain acoustic echo cancellation and combined residual echo and noise postfiltering. In this contribution we present(More)
We consider the task of acoustic system identification, where the input signal undergoes a memoryless nonlinear transformation before convolving with an unknown linear system. We focus on the possibility of modeling the nonlinearity with different basis functions , namely the established power series and the proposed Fourier expansion. In this work the(More)