Gerald Ehmayer

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Abs t r ac t . The increasing popularity of the World-Wide Web (WWW) has resulted in a growing interest of companies to make use of the Internet for marketing, selling and presentation purposes. Moreover, with evolving Intranets, there is also a rising demand in using the Web for core business applications. Given the fact that databases are used in many(More)
Browsing through parts of the global W3 information base gives the user the possibility to construct an information path, referring to a predeened category of his/her interest. The common used browser software gives only poor support for creating and managing multimedia fragments of its hyperbase concerning diierent topics such as bookmarks in a folder. A(More)
Objects, components and frameworks are buzzwords in today‘s software development. A growing number of objectoriented component-based frameworks like OLE/COM, CORBA, OpenDoc and JavaBeans opens up the beginning of a new era of distributed computing. In such an environment, where concurrency plays a major role, traditional design principles used for(More)
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