Gerald Eckert

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The Cu status of mature, crossbred ewes fed two sources (CuSO4 vs. Cu proteinate) and three levels (10, 20, or 30 mg/kg) of dietary Cu was determined in a 73-d feeding trial. Ewes (n = 30) were fed a basal diet containing rice meal feed, cottonseed hulls, cottonseed meal, meat and bone meal, cracked corn, and vitamin-mineral supplements at 2.5% of BW to(More)
We present a method for reconstructing the shape of a rigid 3-D object based on multiple calibrated images from an arbitrary camera setup. The algorithm is robust and able to reconstruct concavities. It is based on the idea to reconstruct a photo-consistent shape by carving and coloring voxels from a volume description of the object. Coloring and carving(More)
We propose a new and efficient method for minutiae-based fingerprint matching, that is invariant to translation, rotation and distortion effects of fingerprint patterns. The algorithm is separated from a prior feature extraction and uses a compact description of minutiae features in fingerprints. The matching process consists of three major steps: the first(More)
T HE STUDY of responses to drugs is rewarding to the cardiovascular physiolo-gist. Many agents evoke integrated responses that involve the heart, the pulmonary circulation , the systemic arteries, and the veins. The challenge is to dissect these responses into their component parts-to discover the contributions to the overall change made by alterations in(More)
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