Gerald E. Shively

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This paper examines ways in which agricultural policies interact and influence incentives for agricultural expansion in frontier areas. A model of household response to economic and technical stimuli, conditional on agronomic and household characteristics, is developed. Three years of survey data, gathered from low-income corn and vegetable farms near a(More)
An agricultural production function is used to examine the yield impacts of contour hedgerows constructed using double rows of the N2-fixing species Desmodium rensonii and Flemengia macrophylla. The analysis uses data from a sample of upland Philippine maize farms and controls for input use and plot characteristics. Results support a hypothesis that the(More)
We measured the farm-level impacts of Malawi’s Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) on fertiliser use and maize yields in central and southern Malawi. Using multiple rounds of panel data and an instrumental variable regression strategy to control for endogenous selection into the subsidy programme, we found positive and statistically significant correlations(More)
In this paper we estimate a dominant firm-competitive fringe model for the crude oil market using quarterly data on oil prices for the 1986-2009 period. All the estimated structural parameters have the expected sign and are significant at standard test levels. We find that OPEC exercised its market power during the sample period. Counterfactual experiments(More)
Renewable energy is an option for many countries simultaneously seeking to reduce dependence on imported petroleum and to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change. Forestry can play a role in environmental policies, such as renewable portfolio standards for bioelectricity, renewable fuel standards for biofuels, and forest(More)
Specialized psychiatric facilities, including qualified distinct-part units in general hospitals, are exempt from Medicare's diagnosis-related group prospective payment system (PPS). One major reason for continuing the exemption is the redistribution of revenue that would probably occur if a single national price were established for care at the diverse(More)
Climate change and degradation of ecosystem services functioning may threaten the ability of current agricultural systems to keep up with demand for adequate and inexpensive food and for clean water, waste disposal and other broader ecosystem services. Human health is likely to be affected by changes occurring across multiple geographic and time scales.(More)