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A total of 3,335 blood samples from 1,180 patients suspected of having bacteremia were analyzed concurrently by two methods: (i) supplemented peptone broth with sodium polyanethanol sulfonate and a CO2 atmosphere; and (ii) lysis centrifugation at 3,000 X g for 30 min onto a high-density, hydrophobic cushion. The centrifugation technique recovered 80% of the(More)
A total of 1,000 blood samples from patients suspected of having a bacteremia were analyzed concurrently, where possible, by three methods: (i) Trypticase soy broth with sodium polyanethol sulfonate and a CO2 atmosphere: (ii) pour plates with either brain heart infusion agar or Sabouraud dextrose agar; and (iii) centrifugation of the suspected organism in a(More)
Dorn, G. (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, N.Y.), and W. Rivera. Kinetics of fungal growth and phosphatase formation in Aspergillus nidulans. J. Bacteriol. 92:1618-1622. 1966.-A liquid culture system is described for growing Aspergillus nidulans in a manner amenable to kinetic studies. Changes in dry weight, protein, deoxyribonucleic acid(More)
The nutritional requirements and culture conditions affecting biosynthesis of L-asparaginase in a mutant of Escherichia coli HAP designated strain A-1 were studied. Asparaginase activity was increased by the addition of L-glutamic acid, L-glutamine, or commercial-grade monosodium glutamate. The rate of enzyme synthesis was dependent on the interaction(More)