Gerald D. Schmidt

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Species characters in Mediorhynchus are discussed, and a consistent method of describing hook arrangement, longitudinal rows, is proposed. Mediorhynchus papillosus Van Cleave 1916, and M. orientalis Belopol'skaya 1953 are redescribed, and M. edmondsi sp. n. is described from Palawan. The new species is most similar to M. rodensis Cosin 1971 in armature, but(More)
Problems in taxonomy of the Polymorphidae are discussed, with particular reference to trunk spines. Andracantha gen. n. is proposed for species with genital spines and 2 fields of trunk spines. Corynosoma gravida Alegret 1941, C. mergi Lundstroöm 1941 and C. phalacrocoracis Yamaguti 1939 are redescribed and placed in Andracantha, with A. gravida (Alegret,(More)
The praesomal musculature of Mediorhynchus is described. The proboscis is considered to consist of 3 zones: an anterior protoboscis, a median mesoboscis, and a posterior teloboscis. New structures reported are mesoboscis retractor muscles, the formation of 3 ligament strands from the proboscis retractor muscles, a teloboscis inflator muscle, and conduit(More)
Mathevotaenia paraguayae sp. n. is described from Euphractus sexcinctus. It differs from M. didelphidis (Rud.) in having a transverse cirrus pouch anterior to the vagina. Monoecocestus mackiewiczi sp. n. was found in Phyllotis sp. It differs from M. parcitesticulatus Rego in having a much smaller scolex, a poral ovary, and a cirrus pouch 360 to 440(More)