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Species characters in Mediorhynchus are discussed, and a consistent method of describing hook arrangement, longitudinal rows, is proposed. Mediorhynchus papillosus Van Cleave 1916, and M. orientalis Belopol'skaya 1953 are redescribed, and M. edmondsi sp. n. is described from Palawan. The new species is most similar to M. rodensis Cosin 1971 in armature, but(More)
The praesomal musculature of Mediorhynchus is described. The proboscis is considered to consist of 3 zones: an anterior protoboscis, a median mesoboscis, and a posterior teloboscis. New structures reported are mesoboscis retractor muscles, the formation of 3 ligament strands from the proboscis retractor muscles, a teloboscis inflator muscle, and conduit(More)
Records are presented of 11 species of parasitic helminths recovered from 37 American avocets. Birds were collected in Kansas and Colorado from April 1973 to August 1974. Parsites found included 3 trematodes, 2 nematodes, 1 acanthocephalan and 5 cestodes, 4 of which are new species. Hymenolepis cervotestis sp.n. (Hymenolepididae) is described from the small(More)