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A computer model of aerosol deposition has been extended to cover particle sizes representative of cigarette mainstream and sidestream smoke particles. The model is the first to theoretically predict total airway depositions of mainstream particles in a range which agrees with experimentally determined literature values by including effects of(More)
A new computer model is developed and used to calculate the deposition of inhaled heterodispersed hygroscopic aerosols for mouth breathing in a Weibel symmetric bronchial tree. The model was first validated by obtaining good agreement with recent experimental and theoretical data on regional and total airway deposition of monodispersed and heterodispersed(More)
Thromboembolic events (TE) associated with circulatory support devices are a major source of mortality and morbidity. Clinically, the lowest TE rates are claimed with devices that incorporate textured blood-contacting materials. The textured materials currently used in circulatory assist devices are composed of small, attached fibers that form the(More)
A newly developed computer model is used to predict the aqueous salt solution concentration, breathing pattern, and inhaled droplet size distribution parameters that will maximize pulmonary deposition of hygroscopic medicinal aerosols. The parameter values providing maximum pulmonary deposition include 1) a NaCl concentration in the aerosolized solution of(More)
A department of family and community medicine has successfully used annual conferences to develop the teaching skills of clinical faculty. The conferences focus on specific topics each year, faculty are required to attend, and experienced preceptors are used as facilitators. These conferences have effectively improved the preceptors' abilities as teachers(More)
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The intestinal mucosa is the main barrier between a wide variety of potential antigens and human or animal beings. Beside of unspecific defense mechanisms there is a rather independently reacting gut associated lymphoid system (GALT), first described by Bienenstock. GALT is seen as part of a common mucosal immune system (MALT), the independency of which is(More)