Gerald Corrigan

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This paper describes the design of a neural network that performs the phonetic-to-acoustic mapping in a speech synthesis system. The use of a time-domain neural network architecture limits discontinuities that occur at phone boundaries. Recurrent data input also helps smooth the output parameter tracks. Independent testing has demonstrated that the voice(More)
While neural networks have been employed to handle several different text-to-speech tasks, ours is the first system to use neural networks throughout, for both linguistic and acoustic processing. We divide the text-to-speech task into three subtasks, a linguistic module mapping from text to a linguistic representation, an acoustic module mapping from the(More)
A combination of a neural network with rule firing information from a rule-based system is used to generate segment durations for a text-to-speech system. The system shows a slight improvement in performance over a neural network system without the rule firing information. Synthesized speech using segment durations was accepted by listeners as having about(More)
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