Gerald Chubb

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Beagles continuously exposed to low daily doses (10 R) of whole-body 60Co gamma-radiation are prone to develop either early occurring aplastic anemia or late occurring myeloproliferative disorders (Seed et al., 1977). In this study, we have examined by a combination of light microscopy and scanning and transmission electron microscopy the sequential changes(More)
A rapidly developing, progressive form of endosteal myelofibrosis (MF) (with myeloid metaplasia) has been shown to occur at low frequency (approximately 4%) in dogs exposed continuously to low daily doses (10 R/day) of whole-body gamma irradiation. We report in this study the morphological details of the endosteal surface during both preclinical and(More)
A method is described to prepare clones of hemopoietic cells grown in soft agar for scanning electron microscopy (SEM). A critical modification of the otherwise quite standard SEM processing procedure for biological samples involved the use of silver micropore disks as an adherent substrate to support the highly labile, deformable agar slabs. This support(More)
Species ofPediastrum, a genus in which the colonies assemble from aggregating zoospores, differ in the number and form of prongs on peripheral cells and the amount of space between cells of the colony; cell shape appears to be genetically based. Peripheral cells of theP. boryanum colony, for example, have two prongs per cell;P. simplex has one prong per(More)
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