Gerald C. Arthur

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OntoQuest is a physician decision support system that mines the hospital data base for previous decisions made in cases similar to the current one. For example, OntoQuest displays a list of the medications prescribed to similar historical patients from which the physician may compare his choice of medication for the current patient. This information(More)
Heterogeneous genetic and epigenetic alterations are commonly found in human non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHL). One such epigenetic alteration is aberrant methylation of gene promoter-related CpG islands, where hypermethylation frequently results in transcriptional inactivation of target genes, while a decrease or loss of promoter methylation (hypomethylation)(More)
OBJECTIVES We developed Resource Description Framework (RDF)-induced InfluGrams (RIIG) - an informatics formalism to uncover complex relationships among biomarker proteins and biological pathways using the biomedical knowledge bases. We demonstrate an application of RIIG in morphoproteomics, a theranostic technique aimed at comprehensive analysis of protein(More)
BACKGROUND Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is an important tool to identify and quantify expression of certain proteins (antigens) to gain insights into the molecular processes in a diseased tissue. However, it is a challenge for pathologists to remember the discriminative characteristics of the growing number of such antigens across multiple diseases. The(More)
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