Gerald Braun

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Cell migration requires integration of cellular processes resulting in cell polarization and actin dynamics. Previous work using tools of Drosophila genetics suggested that protocadherin fat serves in a pathway necessary for determining cell polarity in the plane of a tissue. Here we identify mammalian FAT1 as a proximal element of a signaling pathway that(More)
BACKGROUND Herpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV-1) has been described to cause respiratory tract infections in critically ill patients or in individuals that are immunocompromised. It is a continuing matter of debate under which circumstances HSV-1 is a relevant pathogen for pneumonitis. While its role during critical illness has been investigated by(More)
There is ongoing controversy about the mechanisms that determine the characteristics of the glomerular filter. Here, we tested whether flow across the glomerular filter generates extracellular electrical potential differences, which could be an important determinant of glomerular filtration. In micropuncture experiments in Necturus maculosus, we measured a(More)
Since the introduction of the first graphical web browser on the onslaught of web advertisement, academic and corporate researchers have been interested in studying factors that impact the effectiveness of advertising methods and banner ads in particular. The click-through rate of an ad has been the standard measuring stick for assessing the effectiveness(More)
Changes in ATP-induced increase in [Ca2+](i) during collecting duct ontogeny were studied in primary monolayer cultures of mouse ureteric bud (UB) and cortical collecting duct (CCD) cells by Fura-PE3 fluorescence ratio imaging. In UB (embryonic day E14 and postnatal day P1) the ATP-stimulated increase (EC(50) approximately 1 microM) in fluorescence ratio(More)
Anti-cytokine therapies have substantially improved the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Cytokine-targeting drugs are usually biologics such as antibodies or other engineered proteins. Production of biologics, however, is complex and intricate and therefore expensive which might limit therapeutic application. To overcome this limitation we(More)
  • Mark P Sena, Xavier University, James A Sena, Calpoly San, Luis Obispo, Gerald Braun
  • 2007
This paper reveals insights from 245 interviews to compare the perspectives of executives in organizations who practice IT offshoring with those of executives whose organizations do not offshore. The principle findings of the study reveal three conclusions: 1) organizations that offshore are not statistically different than those who do not regarding the(More)
Emerging trends in the business world have led to a debate over the strategic importance of information technology (IT). This study reviews the results of 165 MBA student interviews with executives regarding the strategic importance of IT in their organization. This research provides comparative perspectives on the viewpoints of IT executives and their(More)
Although Ebay is renowned for its vastly successful Internet auction site, few people realize that it has emerged as the world's largest automobile marketplace. Building on past research, this study examines consumer behavior on Ebay Motors, focusing on the variables that impact winning bid prices in automobile auctions. A major finding is the strong(More)
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