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— Evolution of Service Oriented Architecture has changed the outlook of business models. The business processes and services are not limited at organizational level any more, but they can also be used by external partners. Modern business solutions may be composed of many services that are provided and supported by physically distributed business partners.(More)
Evolution of Web 2.0 applications has changed the outlook of business models and companies. Organizations need to rethink their communication, marketing and sale channels and how their employees and customers interact together internally and externally. Following this new trend, they also need to adopt their IT infrastructure and enhance their online(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to describe the roles, levels of responsibility and backgrounds of flight nurses employed in flight programs across the country and to determine if the role of the flight nurse varied as a function of crew configuration or size of program. METHODS In 1991, a retrospective statistical questionnaire was sent to 105(More)
Recent advances in Internet Computing have changed the outlook of business and enterprise cooperation models. Many companies have started to leverage their services in order to move toward Enterprise 2.0. In this regard enabling technologies such as Mashups play a significant role to shift away from traditional information management environments towards(More)
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