Gerald Anand

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Dimerization of three Id proteins (Id1, Id2, and Id3) with the four class A E proteins (E12, E47, E2-2, and HEB) and two groups of class B proteins, the myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs: MyoD, myogenin, Myf-5 and MRF4/Myf-6), and the hematopoietic factors (Scl/Tal-1, Tal-2, and Lyl-1) were tested in a quantitative yeast 2-hybrid assay. All three Ids bound(More)
C-myc, a member of the basic helix-loop-helix-leucine zipper (bHLH-ZIP) protein family activates target genes in heterodimeric association with another bHLH-ZIP protein, Max. Max readily homodimerizes, competes with C-myc-Max heterodimers, and represses transcription. Four additional bHLH-ZIP proteins, Mad1, Mxi1, Mad3 and Mad4, heterodimerize with Max and(More)
Id proteins negatively regulate the dimerization, DNA binding, and biological properties of basic helix-loop-helix proteins. In a search for novel factors that interact with Id1, we identified a component of the 26 S proteasome, S5a, that has previously been implicated only in the recognition of ubiquitinated polypeptides destined for proteolysis. S5a(More)
Skeletal myogenesis is regulated by a group of transcription factors (MyoD, myogenin, myf5, and myf6) that are "basic helix-loop-helix" proteins that bind to the promoters of muscle-specific genes and promote their expression. We have previously shown that after a mutation of Leu122 to Arg the DNA binding basic domain of MyoD confers c-myc-like functional(More)
We have developed a plant-Escherichia coli pASV shuttle vector from the essential elements of the Ageratum yellow vein virus (AYVV). The geminivirus vector contains the AYVV genome with the coat-protein deletion, the E. coli vector backbone of pUC19, a unique cloning site and gene expression cassettes for plant selection and reporter gene activity. The(More)
Jejuno-jejunal intussusception is a rare complication of feeding jejunostomy. We are reporting a case of 55-year-old woman who presented with loose stools, vomiting and upper abdominal pain one month after a total gastrectomy and Witzel’s feeding jejunostomy (FJ) for gastric malignancy. Ultrasonogram of abdomen on admission was normal. A gastrograffin study(More)
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