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BACKGROUND Published findings indicate that acetaldehyde (ACD; the first metabolite of ethanol [EtOH]) and salsolinol (SAL; formed through the nonenzymatic condensation of ACD and dopamine [DA]) can(More)
The current study assessed the effects of the selective kappa opioid antagonist JDTic on alcohol (EtOH)-seeking behavior, EtOH relapse, and maintenance responding for EtOH. Adult alcohol-preferring(More)
Alcohol drinking during adolescence is associated with increased alcohol drinking and alcohol dependence in adulthood. Research examining the biologic consequences of adolescent ethanol (EtOH)(More)
Ethanol and nicotine are frequently co-abused. The biological basis for the high co-morbidity rate is not known. Alcohol-preferring (P) rats will self-administer EtOH or nicotine directly into the(More)