Geraint Howells

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With the rapid growth of digital content, meaningful media diversity depends on users and the choices they make. The challenge is no longer facilitating content, but capturing attention, which is not subject to regulatory control. Empowering users with information, as exemplified in consumer law, thus becomes a more important element in the regulatory(More)
It is in the interest of parties to be able to test a defective explanted heart valve. This article identifies some of the relevant interests of patients (or their relatives), the manufacturers and society at large, and considers some of the legal issues involved in determining the ownership of valves in English law that arise from the varying nature of(More)
Nurse researchers have developed a range of approaches to increase knowledge. In this article, the increasingly influential approach of historical research is described to illustrate the processes and skills involved, and stimulate interest in the study of nursing history. The authors describe the process in the context of a study reported in Nursing(More)