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Obstacle Avoidance for a Mobile Robot A notorious problem in mobile obstacle avoidance is the detection and avoidance of obstacles. This thesis evaluates several well-known methods for controlling the motion of a mobile robot in an unknown dynamic environment. One of these methods, the Global Dynamic Window Approach, is selected and, using a laser range(More)
In the field of robotics aids for disabled people a number of different approaches are followed. The main difference between these systems is their use of a structured or an unstructured environment. A comparison between the different approaches is discussed in this paper. Of these concepts the MANUS system is treated in more detail. The implications of the(More)
This article describes the development of overall control for a robot system which is uscd to milk cows at the cow's own demand, without intervention by the farmer. The focus of the paper is on design of the inner and outer loop control of the robot arm developed especially for this system. The article highlights the milking-cups connection strategy,(More)