Georgy S. Katinas

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Here we introduce an algorithmic tool to extract significant information out of the long-term physiological monitoring data following an originally designed methodology that is implemented as an integrative software solution. The algorithm consists of several consecutive steps including elimination of outlier measurements, filtering out high-frequency(More)
Focal degenerative changes of skeletal muscle fibers (decrease in mean diameter, excessive axonal branching and a decrease in the mean diameter of motor end-plates together with a reduction of their acetylcholinesterase levels) were found by means of the experimental model thyrotoxic myopathy in mice compared to controls. A decrease in protein kinase(More)
Circadian oscillations of the 8-hr rhythmic components in nociceptive sensitivity were found in mice. A 12-hr rhythm was close to a sinusoidal one. Circadian waves of the pain threshold were asymmetric and the highest in the middle of the light phase, about 16 hrs. The group rhythms of nociceptive sensitivity appeared to be a result of synchronised separate(More)
The aim of the work is to demonstrate how it is possible to get informations of differentiation in muscle fibres by means of evaluating the dynamics of statistical distribution moments. Combinations of various directions of time changes of the standard deviations, asymmetry and excess give the possibility to construct tables in order to get immediate(More)
The method of natural periodization of processes based on objective quantitative account of the dynamics of changing of certain parameters is described. The natural periodization has been established by analysis of the data dynamic series, the distribution of observation terms being made with regard for the a priori taken rate of changes of the parameters(More)
Rhythmic changes of several histophysiological parameters of the thyroid gland was studied in 144 A/He mice of three age groups: young immature, mature adults and ageing animals. The multicomponent nature of the rhythmic changes was found for each index; it included the circadian component, as well as infradian oscillations. The leading role of the(More)
The development of the vegetative muscular-gastric plexus ganglia has been studied in 17-day-old chick embryos at administration of thyroxin and the inhibitor of its production - methylthiouracil. The substances in question are injected into the air chamber of the egg on the 3d days of incubation. In histological preparations, stained after Nissl, with(More)
In 105 male rats of Wistar strain distal parts of one of the thoracic extremities are amputated with keeping intact the places where the brachial muscle is fixed. This does not restrict the volume of the brachium movements but essentially decreases their dynamic component (power loading). For 45 days dynamics of succinate-dehydrogenase (SDG) activity is(More)