Georgiy A Shandryuk

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The aim of the present work was to assess the influences of the parameters of the process of preparing polylactide-based nanosomal medicinal formulations of rifampicin (Rif) on nanoparticle size, the level of Rif sorption, and the kinetics of Rif release in vitro. The most effective Rif sorption in nanoparticles (up to 90%) was obtained using polylactides(More)
To the article “Reaction of an Antioxidant (Sodium Sulfite) with 3-Hydroxy-6-Methyl-2-Ethylpyridinium Salts,” by O. V. Timorovich, E. B. Lyulina, T. V. Pleteneva, T. V. Maksimova, A. V. Syroeshkin, E. V. Uspenskaya, T. N. Burdeinaya, and G. A. Shandryuk, Vol. 48, No. 12, pp. 842-844, March, 2015 The name of the first author should be O. V. Titorovich.(More)
The photoluminescence (PL) of CdSe quantum dots (QDs) that form stable nanocomposites with polymer liquid crystals (LCs) as smectic C hydrogen-bonded homopolymers from a family of poly[4-(n-acryloyloxyalkyloxy)benzoic acids] is reported. The matrix that results from the combination of these units with methoxyphenyl benzoate and cholesterol-containing units(More)
The reaction of an antioxidant excipient (sodium sulfite) with 3-hydroxy-6-methyl-2-ethylpyridinium hydrochloride drug substance was studied using thermal analysis of the solid drug substances and biological testing on cell culture (Spirotox model) in aqueous solutions of various isotopic compositions.
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