Georgios Vourlias

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There is a growing field of research into the physicochemical properties of metal oxide nanoparticles (NPs) and their potential use against tumor formation, development and progression. Coated NPs with biocompatible surfactants can be incorporated into the natural metabolic pathway of the body and specifically favor delivery to the targeted cancerous cells(More)
A systematic investigation of the factors influencing the notable enhancement of the mechanical and thermal properties of nanodiamonds (NDs)-reinforced cross-linked high density polyethylene (PEX) is presented in this work. The effects of crystal structure and molecular conformation as well as filler dispersion and adhesion with the matrix were found to(More)
The replacement of SiO2 gate dielectrics with metal oxides of higher dielectric constant has led to the investigation of a wide range of materials with superior properties compared with SiO2. Despite their attractive properties, these high-k dielectrics are usually manufactured using costly vacuum-based techniques. To overcome this bottleneck, research has(More)
Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) can play a distinct role in magnetic drug delivery via their distribution to the targeted area. The preparation of such MNPs is a challenging multiplex task that requires the optimization of size, magnetic, and surface properties for the achievement of desirable target selectivity, along with the sustained drug release as a(More)
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