Georgios Patatoukas

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Interventional cardiology procedures result in substantial patient radiation doses due to prolonged fluoroscopy time and radiographic exposure. The procedures that are most frequently performed are coronary angiography, percutaneous coronary interventions, diagnostic electrophysiology studies and radiofrequency catheter ablation. Patient radiation dose in(More)
INTRODUCTION There is growing evidence that atherosclerosis, as well as endothelial biology, depend on arterial wall shear stress (WSS). Several methods of WSS calculation with varying degrees of complexity have been proposed. This study aimed at investigating whether the most straightforward and easier to apply of these methods give comparable results in(More)
There is growing evidence to suggest that endothelial biology and atherosclerosis depend on arterial wall shear stress (WSS). We review the existing literature on in vivo measurements of WSS in healthy individuals using phase-contrast MRI, which is a promising, noninvasive technique for determining various blood flow characteristics. WSS data exist for the(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the accuracy of field junctioning planning techniques (monoisocentric and rotating couch technique) for 3D-conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT). METHODS In vivo dosimetry has been performed using thermo- luminescence dosimeters (TLDs) in 10 head and neck cancer patients (treated with monoisocentric technique) and 10 breast cancer(More)
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