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Synthesis and in vitro biological evaluation of 2-(phenylcarbamoyl)phenyl 4-substituted benzoates.
Based on the previously described antimicrobial activity of salicylanilide derivatives, we designed and synthesized novel 2-(phenylcarbamoyl)phenyl 4-substituted benzoates. The most activeExpand
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Novel derivatives of nitro-substituted salicylic acids: Synthesis, antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity.
Inspired by the high antituberculous activity of novel nitro-substituted derivatives and based on promising predicted ADMET properties we have synthesized a series of 33 salicylanilides containingExpand
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Dendritic effects of crown ether-functionalized dendrimers on the solvent extraction of metal ions
The ability of a series of crown ether-functionalized dendrimers to function as alkali metal picrate extraction agents is assessed by liquid–liquid extraction and 1H NMR titration experiments. CrownExpand
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Esters of terpene alcohols as highly potent, reversible, and low toxic skin penetration enhancers
Skin penetration/permeation enhancers are compounds that improve (trans)dermal drug delivery. We designed hybrid terpene-amino acid enhancers by conjugating natural terpenes (citronellol, geraniol,Expand
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Novel salicylanilides from 4,5-dihalogenated salicylic acids: Synthesis, antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity.
Salicylanilides have proved their activity against tuberculosis (TB). One weak electron-withdrawing substituent is favored at the salicylic part, specially Cl or Br atoms at positions 4 or 5. On theExpand
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Crystalline Host–Guest Complexes of Constitutionally Isomeric Diol Hosts. A Structural Case Study
The formation of crystalline host–guest complexes of three constitutionally isomeric host compounds 1–3 featuring two diphenylhydroxymethyl groups attached in different positions to a biphenylyleneExpand
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A mild alkaline hydrolysis of N- and N,N-substituted amides and nitriles
A mild protocol for the alkaline hydrolysis of secondary and tertiary amides in non-aqueous conditions, by the use of NaOH in methanol/dichloromethane or methanol/dioxane (1:9) at room temperature orExpand
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Searching for new host compounds: synthesis and characterization of novel crown ether-functionalized dendrimers
Abstract Novel lipophilic dendrimers as host compounds, that is, 7 – 15 , containing crown ether moieties with different sizes as the core, surrounded by first, second or third generationExpand
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New Calix[4]arene‐Cored Peripherally Functionalized Dendrimers: Synthesis and Conformational Characteristics
New calixarene-based dendrimers, containing calix[4]arene as the core and different generations of Frechet-type poly(benzyl ether) dendrons as building blocks, which possess either Br-atoms or COOtBuExpand
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Synthesis of β,γ-unsaturated primary amides from α,β-unsaturated acids and investigation of the mechanism
α,β-Unsaturated acids, through their acid chlorides, react with tritylamine in the presence of triethylamine under mild conditions, to afford in high yield and high regioselectivity the correspondingExpand
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