Georgios Papadimitriou

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PURPOSE Emergency surgery for colorectal malignant obstruction is thought to correlate with poor outcome. The main aim of our study was to identify possible factors that could predict obstruction, and risk factors of poor postoperative outcome. The second aim was to determine any differences between primary anastomosis and stoma creation in the obstruction(More)
From July, 1978 to September, 1981, 184 patients with localy advanced breast cancer (T3; T4a-b; any N; M0) regardless of their hormonal receptor status, entered a trial to evaluate the contribution of radiotherapy when added to an intensive preoperative chemoendocrine regimen. Seventy-eight patients were ultimately disqualified. All patients underwent(More)
The authors aimed to investigate the association between glucose metabolism measures and the exaggerated blood pressure response (EXBPR) to exercise testing in normotensive nondiabetic patients. One hundred and forty-two consecutive patients underwent office blood pressure (BP) measurements, 24-hour BP monitoring, echocardiography, and treadmill exercise(More)
BACKGROUND The pretreatment neuropsychological profile of drug-resistant patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) referred for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) may differ from that of their drug-respondent MDD counterparts. Such differences could help in identifying distinct MDD subtypes, thus offering insights into the neuropathology underlying(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate eating attitudes and related factors in a sample of first-year female students of Harokopion University, Nutrition and Dietetics (ND) School. METHOD The Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-26), a set of 12 male and female figures, and two questionnaires for demographic, clinical and nutritional data were administered to 53 ND students and(More)
This is a report of two male patients (35 and 54 years old, respectively) admitted to our surgical department with signs of small-bowel obstruction. Diagnostic workup with plain abdominal radiographs and, more specifically, computed tomography suggested the possibility of bowel rotation. In order to exclude any possibility of associated intestinal ischemia,(More)
Chemotherapy using a modified Cooper's regimen was applied during the past few years on 41 cases of advanced cancer of the ovary. We believe this scheme has not been attempted elsewhere. Twenty-five cases (60%) responded positively to this regimen. Two patients with generalized ovarian cancer may be cured. The combination of palliative surgery and(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare rates and social patterning of household smoking and breastfeeding in families with newborn infants in birth cohorts in Coventry, UK and Veria, North Greece. METHODS Infants born in 1996 in Coventry, 1999 in Veria were recruited into birth cohort studies using similar methodologies. In Coventry recruitment was by family health visitor(More)