Georgios Metaxas

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This paper describes the design of SCORPIODROME a mixed reality game for groups of 3--4 children aged 11--14. SCORPIODROME is designed for social gaming; i.e., computer gaming that is intended to support and trigger social interaction between players to occur within and around playing the game. The paper discusses some of the lessons learnt from this design(More)
The Daily Activities Diarist is an awareness system that supports social connectedness between seniors living alone and their social intimates. The Daily Activities Diarist extracts automatically an Activity-of-Daily-Life (ADL)-journal from data collected through a wireless sensor network installed at the home of the seniors. We describe the design of the(More)
We present a formal-model of awareness-systems founded upon the focus and nimbus model of Benford et al [2] and of Rodden [19]. The model aims to provide a conceptual tool for reasoning about this class of systems. Our model introduces the notions of aspects, attributes and resources in order to expose the communicational aspects of awareness-systems. We(More)
Does pervasive technology have a role to play in supporting the communication of busy couples? Especiallywhen they are already living together and already have a high degree of awareness of each other’s rhythms of daily life, their whereabouts and needs? A two week long field study of an awareness system allowed eight working couples to automatically(More)
This paper concerns social aspects of interaction with ambient intelligence applications that support awareness of activities and whereabouts of others. It introduces FN-AAR, an abstract model of such systems, which allows to model social translucence, an essential requirement for the social embedding and acceptance of such technologies. FN-AAR abstracts(More)
We are interested in systems that support awareness between individuals, by exchanging information that is automatically captured and presenting it to members of their social network. Here we demonstrate a principle for the operation of these systems which we describe as pervasive awareness: awareness information is aggregated opportunistically as mobile(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Data about non-invasive follow-up of aneurysm after stent-assisted coiling is scarce. We aimed to compare time-of-flight (TOF) magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) (3D-TOF-MRA) and contrast-enhanced MRA (CE-MRA) at 3-Tesla, with digital subtraction angiography (DSA) for evaluating aneurysm occlusion and parent artery patency after(More)