Georgios Lampropoulos

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Homework assignments have been studied extensively in psychotherapy research, but there is little data on the way in which homework is transferred to clinical practice. A survey was conducted of 827 practicing psychologists nationwide regarding their use and attitudes toward homework. Overall, 68% of the present sample indicated that they "often" or "almost(More)
This article attempts to revitalize the scientist-practitioner model of psychotherapy by focusing on the research component of the model. Specifically, it takes a realistic look at the types of research that can be conducted by clinicians in an effort to motivate them to engage regularly in clinical research. Towards this end, five experienced(More)
This article examines the empirical basis of using homework in psychotherapy and then offers a synthesis of the research literature with the preceding clinical articles. We provide a practitioner-friendly review of psychotherapy process and outcome research literature, concluding that there is now sufficient evidence to support the assertion that homework(More)
Half a dozen special sections and a number of independent articles in psychotherapy journals have recently addressed and debated empirically supported treatments (ESTs). Serious arguments have been presented in favor of the EST movement, while significant criticisms have also appeared. While acknowledging the importance of criticism on the process of(More)
This series of articles attempts to redefine and reprioritize the role of science in search for a clinically meaningful and realistic version of the scientist-practitioner (S-P) model. To this end, science is discussed as both research-driven practice and clinically meaningful research, keeping practitioners and their needs in the center of attention. In(More)
This article aims to integrate the two separate bodies of literature in Psychotherapy Integration (PI) and the Scientist-Practitioner (S-P) model. Based on an examination and synthesis of the main ideas from the two fields, it illustrates that, although developed separately, these movements are compatible and they complement each other. After describing the(More)
This article introduces an issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychology:In Session devoted to treatment failures in psychotherapy. In contrast to recent attention from the research perspective and cognitive-behavioral orientation, this issue focuses on clinical material from multiple theoretical perspectives. This article provides an overview of some of the(More)
The Internet Protocol suite is emerging as the ubiquitous communication platform for almost every conceivable information exchange. Hence, a worldwide effort to support IP functionality over any existing link technology has started, including the booming wireless industry. DECT is a well-standardized wireless access network technology, supporting high(More)