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The aim of the study was to investigate age-related changes in electrogustometry (EGM) thresholds, in morphology and density of the fungiform papillae (fPap) and in vessels' shape and density at the tip of the human tongue.In 156 nonsmokers (74 males, 82 females; age range: 10-80 years), divided in age groups, EGM thresholds at the chorda tympani area, at(More)
OBJECTIVE Sniffin sticks battery is a well-validated olfactory test in German speaking population. However adaptation of this test in the cultural background of a country is mandatory before use. MATERIALS AND METHODS In total 258 subjects were tested in two stages. The first stage included assessment of 60 healthy subjects with the exact translation of(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate differences in gustatory function in smokers of both sexes and identify any differences in the shape, density and vascularisation of the fungiform papillae (fPap) of smokers' tongue. Additional aim was to investigate any relation between the age, pack years and differences in shape, density, vascularization of(More)
The objectives of this study were (1) to assess the protective role of NMDA antagonists against the ototoxic effects of aminoglycosides, (2) to provide any possible evidence between ototoxicity due to aminoglycosides and excitotoxicity. An animal experiment was conducted. Twenty-eight, 3-month-old female New Zealand rabbits, weighing 1,000-1,500 g, were(More)
We investigated the localization of current sources for spontaneous magnetoencephalographic (MEG) data in the frequency domain. MEGs were evaluated in three different states: (i) physiological condition; (ii) sweet taste, and (iii) salt taste. Low frequencies can be seen in the maps obtained with the sweet taste, whereas in the physiological and salt taste,(More)
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