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—Optimization of energy consumption in future intelligent energy networks (or Smart Grids) will be based on grid-integrated near-real-time communications between various grid elements in generation, transmission, distribution and loads. This paper discusses some of the challenges and opportunities of communications research in the areas of smart grid and(More)
This paper discusses some of the challenges and opportunities of communications research in the area of smart grids and smart metering. It is clear that the communications research community has been actively seeking the 'next big thing' after interests in recent hot topics such as cognitive radio, cooperative communications, and MIMO have more or less(More)
Smart metering is an essential element of the future smart grid development. However, frequent data collected by home smart meters reveal a wealth of information about residential appliance usage. This gives rise to the smart metering privacy problem. Smart metering data privacy can be protected by using a battery to mask energy usage profiles. However,(More)
Privacy protection is one of the key requirements of smart grids. To understand the importance of privacy threats it is necessary to study nature of power signals. In this paper, we propose a well-known statistical method which relies on the empirical probability distribution. The method is used to reveal trends in the power signal data and how these trends(More)
Stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace are detrimental to human health and productivity with significant financial implications. Recent research in this area has focused on the use of sensor technologies, including smartphones and wearables embedded with physiological and movement sensors. In this work, we explore the possibility of using such(More)
We consider a network of remote agent platforms that are tested by roaming spy agents in order to identify those that are malicious, based on the outcome of each agent. It is shown that, given a set of spying requirements, the task of choosing the sets of platforms which spy agents visit can be abstracted as a group testing problem. Non-adaptive group(More)