Georgios K. Sylaios

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Vassova lagoon is a typical Mediterranean (small, shallow, micro-tidal, well-mixed) coastal lagoon, receiving limited seasonal freshwater inflows from direct precipitation and underground seepage. An intensive study was carried out in order to quantify the mechanisms responsible for the intra-tidal and residual transport of water, salt, nutrients and(More)
CHLFuzzy is a user-friendly, flexible, multiple-input single-output Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy rule based model developed in a MS-Excel® spreadsheet environment. The model receives a raw dataset consisting of four predictor variables, e.g., water temperature, dissolved oxygen content, dissolved inorganic nitrogen concentration, and solar radiation levels. It then(More)
The present study investigates the use of combined methods of optical and acoustic sensors, in collaboration with direct in situ measurements, for the calibration and validation of a model transforming acoustic backscatter intensity series into suspended particulate matter (SPM) concentration datasets. The model follows previously elaborated techniques,(More)
Monitoring quantity and quality data of a 3-yr (2006-2009) survey in the lower reach of Nestos river are presented. For the purposes of this study, monitoring was taking place at six sites along the river course. Discharge measurements were made at four stations. Physicochemical parameters (i.e., electrical conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen and water(More)
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