Georgios I Androutsos

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This review aims to commemorate the life, and the accomplishments of Pierre and Marie Curie in Physics and in Medicine. Although they are primarily known for their discoveries of the elements of radium and polonium, which took place two years after the discovery of radioactivity by Henry Becquerel, Pierre's discovery of the piezo-electric phenomenon, his(More)
Aggressive lymphomas can present with symptoms mimicking life-threatening infection. Flow cytometry (FC) is usually recommended for the classification and staging of lymphomas in patients with organomegaly and atypical cells in effusions and blood, after the exclusion of other possible diagnoses. FC may also have a place in the initial diagnostic(More)
The present article explores the sexuality in ancient Egypt. In particular in this article are presented the ways of concubinage (marriage, concubinage, adultery), the incest, loves of the pharaohs and of the common people, the freedom of choice in garments, the status of the hetairas and of the whores, the sexual perversions (male and female homosexuality,(More)
Hypertension provoked since the beginning of the 19th century a medical debate between physicians. The early antihypertensive agents were poorly tolerated. Progress towards more effective drugs, appeared after the 2nd World War. Thiocyanates, dehydrogenated alkaloids of ergot, barbiturates, bismuth and bromides, were soon replaced by phenoxbenzamine,(More)
INTRODUCTION Byzantine physicians (4th-7th and 8th-12th centuries A.D.), especially those interested in Surgery, developed a number of interesting concepts, views and opinions referring to the field now recognized as Oral and Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery and Pathology. MATERIAL AND METHOD The original texts of Byzantine physicians, written in ancient(More)
The purpose of this historical review is to summarize the work of the Dutch physician, chemist and anatomist Gerard Blaes (Blasius). A detailed account of his life and work is presented with emphasis on his contribution to anatomy. In particular, special reference is made to his innovative description of the spinal cord and spinal nerves. The contribution(More)
A recently developed immunocytochemical technique in HbF-cell counting was assessed by an objective evaluation method. The basic principle of this method is the preparation of aliquots with predetermined HbF-cell (target) values. These aliquots serve as control samples to standardize the HbF-cell measurements by the new immunocytochemical technique, which(More)