Georgios Halkias

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We present a study of the properties of III–V structures integrated on Si by low-temperature GaAs–Si wafer bonding, using an intermediate spin-on-glass layer. Transmission electron microscopy revealed the good quality of the bonding and the absence of micro-cracks or dislocations in the semiconductor material. Photoluminescence measurements on GaAs/AlGaAs(More)
Chanting and praying are among the most popular religious activities, which are said to be able to alleviate people's negative emotions. However, the neural mechanisms underlying this mental exercise and its temporal course have hardly been investigated. Here, we used event-related potentials (ERPs) to explore the effects of chanting the name of a Buddha(More)
An efficient model scheme that combines the nonlinear behaviour of the input parasitics with the intrinsic fundamental device rate equations of the Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) is proposed. The model parameter values are extracted using a fully defined systematic technique from dc current-optical power-voltage (I-L-V) and ac S11-S21(More)
In future generation electronic circuits the severe bottleneck which is expected on the level of interconnections seems to has only one possible solution: that of using optical interconnection layers instead of the electrical ones. Our research focuses on the development of a die-to-wafer metallic bonding technique for the integration of a photonic wiring(More)
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