Georgios G. Koliakos

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Recent studies using solid-phase-binding assays and electron microscopy suggested the presence of a heparin-binding domain between the inner globule of a lateral short arm and the cross region of laminin. Using the information from the amino acid sequence of the B1 chain of laminin, several peptides were synthesized from areas with a low hydropathy index(More)
  • Effie C Tsilibary, Lorrel A Reger, Ann M Vogel, George G Koliakos, Shane S Anderson, Aristidis S Charonis +7 others
  • 2002
We have previously identified three distinctive amino acid sequences from type IV collagen which specifically bound to heparin and also inhibited the binding of heparin to intact type IV collagen. One of these chemically synthesized domains, peptide Hep-I, has the sequence TAGSCLRKFSTM and originates from the al(noncollagenous [NC1]) chain of type IV(More)
Moxonidine is the newest, second-generation, centrally acting antihypertensive agent. It has selective agonist activity at imidazoline I1 receptors and less adverse effects than the other centrally acting drugs. This fact authorizes the frequent use of moxonidine in clinical practice, as monotherapy or in combination with other antihypertensive agents.(More)
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