Georgios Darivianakis

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The challenge of aerial robotic physical interaction towards inspection of infrastructure facilities through contact is the main motivation of this paper. A hybrid model predictive control framework is proposed, based on which a typical quadrotor vehicle becomes capable of stable physical interaction, accurate trajectory tracking on environmental surfaces(More)
Building energy management is an active field of research since the potential in energy savings can be substantial. Nevertheless, the opportunities for large savings within individual buildings can be limited by the flexibility of the installed climate control devices and the individual construction characteristics. The energy hub concept allows one to(More)
The cooperative energy management of aggregated buildings has recently received a great deal of interest due to substantial potential energy savings. These gains are mainly obtained in two ways: (i) Exploiting the load shifting capabilities of the cooperative buildings; (ii) Utilizing the expensive but energy efficient equipment that is commonly shared by(More)
This paper proposes a model predictive control (MPC) scheme for the single delta bridge cell (SDBC) modular multilevel converter (MMC) when operated as a static synchronous compensator (Statcom). The controller achieves reactive power compensation and current harmonic elimination while maintaining the branch currents and capacitor voltages within their safe(More)
Distributed model predictive control (DMPC) has been proven a successful method in regulating the operation of large-scale networks of constrained dynamical systems. This paper is concerned with cooperative DMPC in which the control actions of the systems are derived by the solution of a systemwide optimization problem. To exploit the merits of distributed(More)
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