Georgios Chatzopoulos

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This paper presents ESTIMA, an easy-to-use tool for extrapolating the scalability of in-memory applications. ESTIMA is designed to perform a simple, yet important task: given the performance of an application on a small machine with a handful of cores, ESTIMA extrapolates its scalability to a larger machine with more cores, while requiring minimum input(More)
A priori, locking seems easy: To protect shared data from concurrent accesses, it is sufficient to lock before accessing the data and unlock after. Nevertheless, making locking efficient requires fine-tuning (a) the granularity of locks and (b) the locking strategy for each lock and possibly each workload. As a result, locking can become very complicated to(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the relationship between systemic diseases, body mass index and periodontal treatment needs in an older population in Greece. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 262 older people were clinically examined about their periodontal status and medical histories were recorded using a health history questionnaire. Additionally, weight and(More)
  • V Kuncak, R Guerraoui, F Pedone, Y.-A Pignolet, Prof, J.-D Decotignie +32 others
  • 2016
Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Acknowledgements Despite all the challenges faced in its pursuit, this PhD gave me a lot in return, not only academically , but more importantly personally and socially. I have had the chance to work, discuss and befriend amazing people who made this(More)
The wars on sex trafficking have traditionally focused on the proliferation of criminal sanctions, the militariza-tion of border controls, and the criminalization and marginalization of the sex industry. In recent years, however, the human rights approach has emerged as a key component of a new reframed, holistic anti-trafficking discourse. According to(More)
—Hardware trends point to architectures with increasing numbers of cores and heterogeneity [1]. However, software developed today can only be tested in significantly smaller platforms, due to cost and availability of such platforms. Accurate performance prediction mechanisms would provide many benefits, including improved platform provisioning, which is a(More)
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