Georgios Chatzopoulos

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This paper presents ESTIMA, an easy-to-use tool for extrapolating the scalability of in-memory applications. ESTIMA is designed to perform a simple, yet important task: given the performance of an application on a small machine with a handful of cores, ESTIMA extrapolates its scalability to a larger machine with more cores, while requiring minimum input(More)
A priori, locking seems easy: To protect shared data from concurrent accesses, it is sufficient to lock before accessing the data and unlock after. Nevertheless, making locking efficient requires fine-tuning (a) the granularity of locks and (b) the locking strategy for each lock and possibly each workload. As a result, locking can become very complicated to(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the relationship between systemic diseases, body mass index and periodontal treatment needs in an older population in Greece. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 262 older people were clinically examined about their periodontal status and medical histories were recorded using a health history questionnaire. Additionally, weight and(More)
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