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Response surface methodology toward the optimization of high-energy carotenoid extraction from Aristeus antennatus shrimp.
High-energy assisted extraction techniques, like ultrasound assisted extraction (UAE) and microwave assisted extraction (MAE), are widely applied over the last years for the recovery of bioactiveExpand
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Microwave-promoted Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of aryl halides with phenylboronic acid under aerobic conditions catalyzed by a new palladium complex with a thiosemicarbazone ligand
Abstract A new air- and moisture-stable palladium complex with salicylaldehyde N (4)-hexamethyleneiminylthiosemicarbazone has been synthesized. According to its crystal structure, the metal is bondedExpand
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Microwave-assisted synthesis of 3,5-disubstituted isoxazoles and evaluation of their anti-ageing activity.
One-pot uncatalysed microwave-assisted 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions between in situ generated nitrile oxides and alkynes bearing protected antioxidant substituents, were regioselectivelyExpand
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Reductive lithiation of alkyl phenyl sulfides in diethyl ether. A ready access to α,α-dialkylbenzyllithiums
Diethyl ether is a convenient solvent for the conversion of benzylic phenyl sulfides to the corresponding organolithiums by an uncatalyzed reductive metalation, while catalysis by naphthalene isExpand
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Contrasting chemoselectivities in the ultrasound and microwave assisted bromination reactions of substituted alkylaromatics with N-bromosuccinimide
Ultrasound and microwave assisted bromination reactions of various alkylaryls with N-bromosuccinimide, either neat or in water, shows diverse chemoselectivity. Thus, ring substitution occurs in waterExpand
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High intensity ultrasound-assisted reduction of sterically demanding nitroaromatics
Sterically demanding nitroaromatic compounds have been prepared and reduced to their corresponding amines with high intensity ultrasound using hydrazine in the presence of a Raney nickel catalyst.Expand
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A clean, palladium-catalyzed oxidative esterification of aldehydes using benzyl chloride
Abstract A highly efficient, mild, simple and clean procedure is presented for the one-pot oxidation of aromatic and aliphatic aldehydes to their corresponding ethyl esters using benzyl chloride asExpand
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Synergistic effect of dual-frequency ultrasound irradiation in the one-pot synthesis of 3,5-disubstituted isoxazoles.
Herein is reported a one-pot three-step process for the regioselective synthesis of 3,5-disubstituted isoxazoles based on copper(I)-catalyzed cycloaddition reaction between in situ generated nitrileExpand
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Aryllithiums with increasing steric crowding and lipophilicity prepared from chlorides in diethyl ether. The first directly prepared room-temperature-stable dilithioarenes.
A convenient procedure has been developed for the preparation of synthetically useful, room-temperature-stable aryllithiums starting from aryl chlorides and lithium metal. The method provides a routeExpand
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Microwave assisted solid additive effects in simple dry chlorination reactions with n-chlorosuccinimide
Solid additives participate in the dry microwave assisted chlorination reaction of N-chlorosuccinimide with the xylenes affecting both yields and chemoselectivities. Total yields can be increased upExpand
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