Georgios A. Demetriou

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utonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) share common A control problems with other air, land, and water unmanned vehicles. In addition to requiring high-dimensional and compu-tationally intensive sensory data for real-time mission execution, power and communication limitations in an underwater environment make it more difficult to develop a control(More)
The article discusses impediments that face researchers and academic institutions that try to implement training programs. The ability of virtual modeling and simulation (VM&S) systems to mitigate some problems is explained. A solution system, Virtual Robots (VROBO), is developed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach.
Acquiring knowledge about the environment is a fundamental task for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). To accomplish this, UGVs must extract information from measurements that are gathered from various sensors. In search for a solution, scientists have developed a variety of sensors and techniques for extracting the information needed from the data gathered(More)
The Engino Robotics Platform Controller, which is presented in this paper, is a control box intended for primary and early secondary education students. It is used to teach basic control, robotics and technology based courses. Along with the controller a series of external sensors have been developed that can be directly connected to the controller. The(More)
To seek increasingly challenging positions in the Computer Science and Computer Engineering domain which require educational, research and developmental, organizational, and managerial skills. To lead and enhance University departments, research and development centers and develop interdisciplinary programs emphasizing research cooperation and collaboration(More)